Waste Heat Boiler – AHK (SB)

The SCHNEIDER waste heat boiler type AHK (SB) is a waste heat boiler that is a combination of a flue tube waste heat boiler with a separate steam drum. The flue tube part functions as an evaporator unit, which is connected to the steam drum by means of overflow and downpipes. The drum itself is unheated and generates process steam with no measurable residual moisture content. The mode of operation of this boiler type essentially corresponds to that of our water tube boiler type ERK-HP, which guarantees an extremely safe operation thanks to an internal natural circulation system. Separating the evaporator part and steam chamber, enables steam outputs at significantly higher steam pressures and the greatest possible steam purity or steam dryness (without additional components inside the drum).

Benefits of the AHK (SB):

  • Simple and compact design
  • Increase in overall plant efficiency
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Reduction of CO2

Waste Heat Boiler – AHK-ip (SB)

The SCHNEIDER waste heat boiler type AHK-ip (SB) is also a waste heat boiler, which is a combination of a flue tube waste heat boiler with a separate steam drum like the type AHK (SB). However, this is supplemented by the benefits of using special surface structured heat transfer tubes (erk-tube). These are:

  • Greatly improved heat transfers by increasing flow velocities as a result of turbulence caused by the cross-sectional changes. The resulting savings in heating surface ultimately lead to a significantly more compact and thus space-saving boiler design.
  • Verringerung der Heizflächenverschmutzungen bei vorhandenen partikelbeladenen Rauchgasströmen. Dieser Vorteil resultiert im Wesentlichen ebenfalls aus dem vorstehend genannten Effekt der erhöhten Strömungsturbulenzen.

Benefits of the AHK-ip (SB) – in addition to type AHK:

  • Compact design
  • Reduction of heating surface contamination
  • Increase in travel times (interval between two cleanings)
  • Further increase in overall system efficiency
  • Further minimisation of operating costs

Areas of Application

  • Chemical and process engineering
  • General process engineering
  • Waste management
  • Cement/glass industry
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