Electric Boiler – HWO-E und WO-E Modul

The SCHNEIDER flow heaters of the HWO-E-Modul and WO-E-Modul series are electrically heated warm or hot water generators developed for general heat supply (heating and domestic hot water).
By using standardised assemblies, flexible modules with the required heating power can be put together for every application. Because the installation on site does not require any welding work, the system can be set up using screw connections.
They are used wherever high electrical power is available and there is a high demand for heat. The installation of a SCHNEIDER warm and hot water generator of the HWO-E-Modul and WO-E-Modul series is ideally suited for “Power to Heat” (P2H) applications (e.g. participation in the market for negative control energy).


  • Small footprint
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easy assembly thanks to modular design
  • Minimisation of external (investment) costs
  • Clean operating conditions, hygiene benefits
  • Advantageous ATEX classification

Areas of Application

  • Power-to-heat (P2H) applications
  • Control energy applications
  • Local and district heating
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