Water Tube Boiler – iNook

The iNook is a drumless vertical boiler featuring a membrane wall construction specially developed for closed steam cycles. It is operated in a closed natural circulation system and is directly connected to the heat consumer in such a way that it cannot be unlocked. The steam produced serves only as a heat transfer medium, which transfers the energy contained in the steam to a secondary process via a heat exchanger (condenser).

water tube boiler - iNook

Benefits of the iNook

  • Membrane wall construction
    • 100% flue gas tightness between the channels – no exchange
    • Highest possible efficiency compared with other types
  • Direct integration of the evaporator tubes in the collector (without reductions)
    • No risk of heating surface overheating / flow interruptions
  • Number and arrangement of steam discharge pipes
    • Minimisation of pressure losses in the boiler system
    • Increase in the water circulation rate

Areas of Application

  • Edible oil industry
    • Refining
    • Distillation
    • Deodorisation
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